Tips & Tricks for working mothers(ಅಡುಗೆ ಮನೆಯ ಸಲಹೆಗಳು -೨)

Being a working mother, I definitely understand the difficulty in juggling between work, home and kids.

Cooking elaborated meals is really difficult as we tend to get up late or sleep early due to stressful life.
Hence below are some tips that I found to be helpful, in my case, might be useful to you as well.
  • Soak Pulses like Batani/Green peas, Hesaru Kalu/Green gram, Kabuli Channa, Kadale kalu or Black channa and horse gram or Huruli kalu saturday overnight or sunday overnight and store in zip lock bags and freeze it.. This can be used to make the below items:
                [1] Huruli kalu/Horse gram –> huruli kattu saaru + palya [ KaaLu –> Pulses]
                  [2] Kabuli Channa –> Channa masala /chole with chapathi and Same with Batani also.
                  [3] Mixed KaaLu huLi( Sambar)
                  [4] Mixed KaaLu Palya and few more such recipes
  •    Grind for dosa batter.. This helps in making normal plain dosa 1 day, alternate day onion dosa and another day Ragi flour mixed Ragi dosa.
  •     Dry Roasting Bansi sooji/Rave, Shavige ( Vermicelli) on weekends which keeps the insects at bay and also helps in making Uppittu ( Upma) and Shavige Upma quickly. Similarly
  •    Dry roasting chiroti rava, helps in making Sajjige. Any of the medium or Bansi rava roasting helps for making Rave idlis.
  •   Making Instant Dosas 1 day along with Sagu/Vegetable Kurma.
  •  Also we can keep Voggarane made handy: Oil, Sasive/Mustard, Jeera kept in a small bottle.. Once spoon can be put instantly to Sambar or Rasam or wherever needed immediately.[Grandmom’s tip]
  • Cutting vegetables like carrot, Beans and freezing it, helps for cooking on mondays. and if something like chapathi , gojju is done on sunday evening, its even more helpful for lazy monday mornings 🙂


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