Uttara Kannada Visit & Travel Checklist

My journey to Uttara Kannada comprised of the following places: Gokarna, Murudeshwara, Kollur Mookambika temple , Idagunji Ganesha temple , Sigandur Chowdeshwari temple.

Since it was April end- May time, it was a severe summer.

Below is the Travel- Check List I would like to provide to the readers for travel within India, so that it would be very helpful before any such trips..Though it seems trivial , sometimes we tend to forget most important things and re-buy the same commodities or surely regret for not carrying from home..

This holds good for 3 people including a child:-

[1] Accessories like mobile phones – chargers, Laptop( if needed) – Chargers, Camera – chargers, MP3 players or Ipods.

[2] Baby bag necessities – water bottles, Diapers, additional clothes, tissue papers, healthy snacks, if possible homemade, fruits, fruit juices , kitchen towels, hand wipes etc.

[3] If planning for 3 day trips, smaller kits/back packs are okay, but for more than a week or so suitcase is the best.

[4] Umbrellas, hats if summer and sweaters/shawls for winters.

[5] Debit cards, Credit cards, additional extra amount is always good.

[6] Above all, the most important thing is Travel boarding tickets/passes, Id proofs, Return tickets, Hotel reservation tickets(if booked) time to board and alight. You could also add to this list some more, if I have missed out anything.. 🙂

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