Lord Ganesha and 32 different forms

|| Om Gam Ganapathaye Namaha ||
In Hindu religion, worship to Lord Ganesha comes first and very prominent..It has its own significance and meaning ..It is said that even Lord Ganesha’s parents Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvathi themselves worship Lord Ganesha.
Picture shows an image of Lord Ganesha ( Bombay Ganesha ) . Picture Courtesy: Sowmya.

                Lord Ganesha has an elephant face and human body. He is remover of all obstacles and called by various names.Like, Vinayaka,Vighneshwara,Gajanana,Vighnaraaja,Lambodara etc. He is worshipped in many different forms, across the globe. There is also a female form of Ganesha known as ‘Vinayaki’.

                There are 32 prominent forms of Lord Ganesha as stated in  ‘Mudgala Purana‘ dedicated to Lord Ganesha and are known as ’32 Mudgala GanapathigaLu’.


I saw all these in one beautiful temple(BEL Shri Mahaganapathi temple ) near BEL Colony,Jalahalli, Bengaluru….It is said that all these 32 Ganapathi forms are installed in this BEL Ganapathi temple second next to Hattiyangadi Siddhi-Vinayaka temple in Kundapura taluk of Udupi district  and have listed down in my post here :-

[1]  Bala Ganapathi
[2]  Taruna Ganapathi
[3]  Veera Ganapathi
[3]  Shakthi Ganapathi
[4]  Bhakthi Ganapathi
[5]  Ucchhishta Ganapathi
[6]  Vighna Ganapathi
[7]  Kshipra Ganapathi
[8]  Haridra Ganapathi
[9]  Sankashtahara Ganapathi
[10] Yoga Ganapathi
[11] Simha Ganapathi
[12] Dwimukha Ganapathi
[13] Trimukha Ganapathi
[14] Durga Ganapathi
[15] Lakshmi Ganapathi
[16] Heramba Ganapathi
[17] Maha Ganapathi
[18] Kshipra Prasada Ganapathi
[19] Urdhva Ganapathi
[20] Ekakshara Ganapathi
[21] Vijaya Ganapathi
[22] Nrithya Ganapathi
[23] Tryakshara Ganapathi
[24] Runa-vimochana Ganapathi
[25] Dhundi Ganapathi
[26] Vara Ganapathi
[27] Bhakthi Ganapathi
[28] Siddhi Ganapathi
[29] Heramba Ganapathi
[30] Ekadanta Ganapathi
[31] Srishti Ganapathi and
[32] Dwija Ganapathi
                                          These are many different forms of Ganapathi in temple PraangaNa( Hall) outside the sanctum sanctorum of the main diety Lord Ganesha and the temple also has the below dieties::
  • Ashta Lakshmi carved around brindavana ( Tulasi  plant )
  • NavagrahagaLu
  • Naagara Katte /Lord subramanya

Temple address:

BEL Shri Mahaganapathi temple,( Ekadanta pravachana mandira )
BEL Colony,
Jalahalli west,


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