Teertha Kshetra and corresponding river banks

Whenever we visit any temple or Punya Kshetra suddenly we can notice that it will be situated on the banks of some particular river/ Sarovara/ Nadi in kannada. We also can see thousands of devotees who take bath in those rivers or atleast sprinkle water and enter the temples there..

But we also cannot deny the fact that in the name of taking bath in sacred rivers, people are now contaminating the holy waters by washing clothes, throwing eatables , washing their animals, throwing lots of flowers and garlands, visitors to temples throwing eatables, plastic covers, tins, bottles, spitting over etc.. which is causing water pollution and in recent times lots of money spent and initiatives undertaken by government on cleaning river Ganga which was once termed as pure, clean and sacred. But most of the time it should be the public who have to join in hands with the government and maintain cleanliness in holy places.

Apart from these discussions,  I have always wondered that any Punya or teertha Kshetra is surrounded by river. Below is a small list to make in this regard:

  • Mantralaya Shri Guru Raghavendra Swamy mutt —> Tungabhadra river
  • Nanjanagudu Shri Kanteshwara Temple –> Kapila or Kabini river
  • Goddess Chamundeshwari of Mysore –> Kaveri river
  • Shringeri Sharadamba –> Tunga river
  • Horanadu Shri Annapurneshwari –> Bhadra river
  • Kukke Shri Subramanya –> Nethravathi river
  • Uttara Kannada temples and Shimoga–> Sharavati river
  • Nimishamba temple, Srirangapattana, Mysore –> Kaveri river
  • Sri Kalahasti –> SwarnaMukhi river
  • Panchamukhi Anjaneya swamy temple near Mantralaya –> Tungabhadra river

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