Nanjanagudu ನಂಜನಗೂಡು talluk is situated on the banks of the river ‘Kapila’ or kabini, it is around 24 kms from the Mysore City. It takes around 1 hour or lesser from Mysore bus stand to Nanjanagud roadways. It is called the ‘Dakshina Kashi‘  ದಕ್ಷಿಣ ಕಾಶಿ (Dakshina   kashi) in south India.

Nanjanagudu attracts people all around, its main attraction is the famous Sri Srikanteshwara temple or Nanjundeshwara temple.. Nanjundeshwara meaning ‘Nanju’ means visha in kannada or poison, ‘unda’ means eating or swallowing or consuming. It is another name of Lord Shiva. This name relates to the famous legend/story associated with Lord Shiva.

The story goes as follows :-

As depicted in the great epic Mahabharatha, During the Samudra Manthana ( or churning of ocean of milk) by the Gods(Suras) and the Asuraas( Demons ) several sacred, holy and auspicious things that came out were : Amritha or Nectar, Shankha, Kamadhenu( Cow), Parijaatha flower, Airavatha elephant and even Goddess Lakshmi with Kalasha. But along with these also came out the Visha or Poison or Haala-Hala in kannada. All the Suras ( DevathegaLu) and Asuras were terrified and were scared that this poison was so strong and dangerous that it would have destroyed the whole creation of the universe. Gods ( Suras) approached Lord Vishnu and prayed upon which He suggested that ONLY Lord Shiva would be able to help on this and protect the entire universe, all the living things on earth. Upon the advice and prayers by Gods, Lord Shiva was pleased and he swallowed the poison. It remained unharmful to the Lord, unaffecting Him.. But there is an incident here that though it unaffected Him , Goddess Parvathi was very tensed during his swallowing process and she pressed His neck/throat so that it will not enter into the stomach or any other part of the body and cause any problems. Hence it was stuck there and due to the nature and strong property of poison, it became blue in color, the compression of poison inside the throat changed the color of His throat into ‘blue’. Except for the color, it remained unharmful to the Lord, and He protected the whole universe and it’s creations. Hence Lord Shiva is also known as ‘Neelakanta‘.

Below is the picture of Ganesha temple near Nanjanagud devasthana:-

Ganesha Below are the various gudis present inside the temple praangana or hall, which we can find during a pradakshina from main entrance :-

  1. Srikanteshwara Swamy Sannidhi –— Near the main Srikanteshwara swamy sannidhi, there is an emerald linga given by Tippu Sultan it is termed as ‘Hakim Nanjunda’. He gave this because his elephant’s eye-sight came back with Lord’s blessings. To fulfill vow/harake he has donated the linga to the temple.
  2. Ganapathi Sannidhi — Various alankaras are done to ganapathi idol here like benne alankara, hoovina alankara etc.
  3. Parvathi ammanavara Sannidhi
  4. NavagrahagaLu
  5. Dodda Basaveshwara sannidhi ( Basavanna)
  6. Sharada ammanavara Sannidhie
  7. Chandikeshwara Sannidhi — Here it is said that children who are very stubborn will reduce there ‘stubbornness’ or in kannada ‘chandi’ here.
  8. Narayana swamy Sannidhi
  9. Tandaveshwara or Nataraja devara sannidhi
  10. Subramanya swamy sannidhi
  11. Bilva vriksha and Gopura linga sannidhi

Below is the picture of the place opposite to temple where devotees get their heads shaved or for their children based on their Harake/ vows fulfilled  :-


Nearby places of visit also includes Shri Guru raghavendra swamy mutt in the adjacent road. Nanjanagoodina ‘Rasabale’ is very famous. It’s size is more than that of typical ‘Yelakki baaLe’ and lesser than ‘paccha balehaNNu’.

Temple timings :: Tuesday to Saturday from 6 AM to 1 PM and evening 4 PM to 8-30 PM

Sunday and Monday 6 AM to 9-30 PM

Temple Address:

Sri Srikanteshwaraswamy temple, Nanjanagud, Mysore District.

More information and offical website ::

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