J. P. Park or JayaPrakash Narayana Park( ಜೆ ಪಿ ಪಾರ್ಕ್)

J. P. Park ಜೆ ಪಿ ಉದ್ಯಾನವನ is situated in Mathikere, Muthyala Nagara , Bangalore ( Can say inbetween Mathikere and Jalahalli ) and is a perfect weekend picnic spot.. The park is named after the freedom fighter ‘Lokanayak Jayaprakash Narayan’ and in shortly called ‘J.P. Park’..

Renovation : The park which covers almost 85 acres of land was fully renovated in the year 2006 by BBMP or Bruhat Bengaluru Mahanagara Palike and is said to be the biggest park after lalbagh and cubbon parks, which are other biggest parks in Nama Bengaluru. It is really well maintained. If you see the below images and assume it to be real , then even you are fooled like me.. 🙂 It is so awesomely carved and designed.. I also loved the way it is explained if you could see the picture 2 below. It portraits the hard-work put up by one of the agricultural families of rural India. At first glimpse/glance nobody can say it as an artificial.. It is sculpted with lot of life and interest in it..

JPPark1 JPPark2                                   Many more sculptures of the daily life and livelihood are depicted.. Like small children playing cricket, and other sports, National Animal tiger, National bird peacock,lion, lioness and cub, Rhinoceros, monkeys and singalikas, Farmer family, hard-working family,sheep and shepherd, leopard, deer, sambar  but these arent allowed to touch. It also has the sculpture of Natasaarvabhouma Dr.Rajkumar annavru in “huttidare kannadanaadalli huttabeku” style, which also appears so real with lot of life in it.


The glimpse of the park includes:

  • Musical Fountain :: Allowed on weekends and holidays post 7 PM and one has to take ticket for admission here.
  • Rock Garden :: Rock garden has different types of rocks , arranged or paved in a distinct way including the seaters and it has a lotus pond beneath as shown in below picture.


  • Sanjeevini Vana — Where different types of ayurvedic herbs are grown.
  • Bamboo Garden —  We can find many bamboo trees.
  • Children Play area — It has different types of slides ( long and swirling ones), See-saw, swing, merry-go-round and many more.
  • Swimming pool  – named after Shri Ramakrishna Hegde
  • Aquatic and tree species – There are many species of trees, shrubs, ayurvedic herbs, aquatic animals ( many types of fish , cranes etc ) , nurseries etc.. There are 3 to 4 lakes too.

Since it is very well-maintained below are the prohibited things inside the garden:-

Eatables, plastics, animals or pets, their own vehicles prohibited from walking on the lawn, plucking flowers and plants etc.

One can surely make it a point to visit and mark it in their weekend trip list 🙂 and I am very sure that children love and enjoy at the park with lots of varieties inside.

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