Pencil/Pen holder using ice-cream sticks

There were a couple of thick, spiral cardboard ( very thick sheet roll of cardboard) at home which we got while purchasing the exhaust fan and I didnt feel like throwing it away as it was very thick.. Also during dasara and summer holidays, we can help our children to keep themselves away from boredom by engaging them in such simple art/craft activities…

Since it was spiral in shape and hollow, I thought of re-using it to make a pen holder/stand..

Materials required :-

  • Thick, hollow cardboard roll – 1 piece
  • Ice-cream sticks — around 30
  • Thick cardboard for base – 1 piece
  • Acrylic colors or fabric paints or oil colors – 3 to 4 colors (any color like yellow, green, red, crimson etc) — This is purely optional, you can also keep it plain if u wish
  • Fevicol or glue-stick


[1] Paint the ice-cream sticks with all the 3 colors alternatively.. Allow it to dry for couple of hours.
[2] Apply fevicol around the hollow cardboard and start sticking the ice-cream sticks to it.. Allow it to dry..
[3] Now, paste the hollow cardboard with ice-cream sticks over the thick cardboard…
[4] Your Pen/pencil/small scale holder is ready now 🙂

Ice-cream sticks stand

Ice-cream sticks stand

Do try this simple craft with your kids and let me know …. Also if you would like to share any of your crafts using ice-cream sticks here, you are most welcome…. send me pics on the same…

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