Kalasha Procedure( ಕಳಶದ ವಿಧಾನ)

Today is first ShraavaNa Shukravaara and here I have posted the most important part of the Hindu festival procedure called ‘KaLasha‘..

KaLasha(ಕಳಶ in Kannada) is a set-up which symbolises Goddess Shri Lakshmi/Gowri and since Goddess Lakshmi is said to have arrived during the ‘Samudra Manthana’ or Churning of the ocean in Hindu mythology, ‘Kalasha’ is also one of the auspicious items, that is said to have arrived during the same time..

This is a basically a pot which is made out of silver/copper/brass or even gold with broad-base and a narrow-mouth… This is an important set-up for festivals/vrathas, marriages, upanayanams, naamakarana and other auspicious functions..



Kalasha keeping procedure:-

  • The metal-pot is either filled with rice/other grains or sometimes water, coins, adike or betel nuts, dry fruits, arishinada kombu or beru..
  • Towards the mouth 4 to 5 Veelyadele or betel leaves are placed.. In some customs, even the mango leaves are placed, which is again considered to be sacred..
  •  In the mid-region a line of lime/suNNa is drawn and towards the mouth any type of hoovina haara/ flower garland is tied..
  • Lastly, the coconut smeared with turmeric is placed and using Kumkum powder eyes, nose etc are drawn symbolizing Goddess Shree Lakshmi..


2 thoughts on “Kalasha Procedure( ಕಳಶದ ವಿಧಾನ)

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