Gokulashtami Festival (ಗೋಕುಲಾಷ್ಟಮಿ ಆಚರಣೆ)

Gokulashtami or Shree Krishna Janmashtami/Krishnaashtami is celebrated in Shraavana maasa to mark the celebration of birth of Lord Shree Krishna , who is one of the prominent avataras of Lord Vishnu. He was born as 8th son to Vasudeva and Devaki, who was later taken care by Yashoda.. Janmaashtami comes on ashtami tithi of Krishna Paksha, the second half of Shraavana maasa.


“Vasudeva sutham devam kamsa chaanoora mardhanam
Devaki paramaanandam Krishnam vande jagathgurum”..

-meaning Lord Krishna, who is the son of Vasudeva, and the one who killed his demon uncle Kamsa and one who brought happiness to his mother Devaki , is the one and only Guru or teacher of the whole world and the protector God…


We celebrate the birth of Lord Krishna by performing Shodashopachaara Pooja to the Lord, adorning flower garland to the photos, offering neivedya..


Usually Lord Krishna is regarded as infant or baala-krishna and hence varieties of delicacies are prepared like Rave Unde , Coconut burfi/any other burfi, Sajjige, Chakkuli, Kodubale , panaka, tengolalu, kosambari , Gojjavalakki, sihi avalakki etc which mostly kids at home would like to munch , now and then…

My Iyengar community friends’ homes ‘ celebrate this particular festival in a very grand manner.. some people also have a custom to give arghya(Krishna and Chandra arghaya pradaana) to Lord Krishna…


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