Instant Chakkuli recipe

Chakkuli or Chakli is a traditional coffee/tea time snack and also an offering or neivedya to Lord Ganesha for Ganesha chaturthi/ for Gokulaashtami..

The traditional way of making chakkuli by my grandmom involves washing and soaking of Urad dal:rice and drying , dry roasting and grinding followed by sieving in mill which she does even till date.. Due to hectic schedules, I follow this instant and crispy Chakkuli from my mother in law.. Do try this and let me know how it turns out.. This version is also tasty and crispy , just similar to traditional ones..




Ingredients needed:-

Rice Flour :: 1 Cup
Urad dal :: 1/4 cup
Jeera seeds :: 1 to 2 tspns
Red Chilli powder :: 1 to 2 tspns (Based on your preferences.Can omit this as well)
Om KaaLu or Ajwain :: a pinch ( Optional)
White til seeds :: 1 tspn ( Optional)
Salt :: less than 2 tspns.
Ghee :: 2 tspns.
Oil :: To deep fry

Chakkuli maker mould with a single star hole at the centre.

Method ::

[1] Wash and cook Urad dal with enough water to cook the dal well, cool this, and mash it with a spoon, grind using very little water to a smooth, soft paste..

[2] Dry roast rice flour for 4 minutes until it catches up little heat to remove raw smell.


[3] Take rice flour in a bowl, add Jeera/cumin, red chilli powder, Ajwain, til, salt, ghee, and lastly add the soft ural dal paste to it.. Mix well to form a stiff dough similar to poori consistency.. Close the dough and keep aside for 15 minutes.. meanwhile heat oil to deep fry chakkulis with low heat..

[4]Take a fist of the dough and put inside the Chakkuli mould and on a plastic sheet make spiral shapes just like chakkuli or mucchore shape as you prefer and deep fry in hot oil..

[5] Knead the dough very well so that the chakkuli shapes doesnt break.. Close the lid everytime after taking the fistful of dough..

[6] Cool the Chakkulis in a colander and store in plastic covers or air-tight containers.. or serve immediately as a snack..

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