Ugadi Festival (ಯುಗಾದಿ ಹಬ್ಬದ ಆಚರಣೆ)

Ugadi festival is celebrated across Karnataka as a new year day for Hindus.. The name ‘Uga’ means year and ‘Adi’ means beginning..  As per Hindu almanac the first month of the new year is Chaithra maasa and first day of first month that is Paadya is celebrated as Ugadi. Chaandramaana Ugadi is celebrated on Chaithra maasa shuddha paaDya, where Sun enters mesha raashi…


Also according to legends , it is said that on this day Lord Brahma created this universe. According to another legend , Sun’s first rays fell for the first time on Earth on this day..   Apart from the legends associated with the festival,   what we could see now evidently is old leaves fall , fresh and green tender new leaves begins to grow , also we can get fragrance of new flowers and it marks the beginning of spring season..

The celebrations across Karnataka or Pooja vidhana is:

The festival celebration starts from a day before itself.. Even the Ugadi amavasya is said to be very auspicious..


Households are cleaned, adorned with maavina thorana ಮಾವಿನ ತೋರಣ or home decor for entrance made out of Mango leaves to the entrance of the house, Neem leaves branches or twigs are tied at the corners of entrance of the house and pooja rooms.. These leaves are said to throw away negative vaastu entering the house.


On the festival day, each and every member of the house takes an oil bath or abhyanjana ಎಣ್ಣೆ ಅಭ್ಯಂಜನ, wears new dresses, performs  Pooja to almanac or panchaanga (After Pooja to almanac , Panchaanga shravaNa ಪಂಚಾಂಗ ಶ್ರವಣ     is performed means reading of panchaanga). Later an important part of the ritual is eating Bevu (Neem leaves mainly Neem buds) and Bella (jaggery).. Both are mixed equally with a small spoon of ghee.. This is given by elder member of the family to all others and also shared with guests and relatives.. It has its very own significance.. That is Neem means bad or bitter events in life and jaggery means good/sweet things that happens in life. Taking both with same mindset or do take life as it comes , taking good and bad equally is the inherent meaning…


Mysore Vontikoppal panchaanga

While consuming bevu-bella we need to chant the below shloka —

“Shataayu vajradehaaya, sarvasampathkaraayacha,
sarvaarishTa vinaashaaya, nimbakadaLa bhakShaNam”

In some homes, apart from bevu-bella, other ingredients like tamarind pulp, raw Mango,salt, red chilli powder etc are also cooked and consumed as part of the ritual, which signifies other rasas or tastes. Since many ingredients are added and boiled, it takes the form of a gravy called Ugaadi pachadi. This is purely followed as per one’s family custom.

All the family members will have festive food or habbada oota .. like Maavinakaayi Chitranna, holige or vobbattu, Paayasa/Kheer, Kosambari/Salad, Palya/Stir Fry, Plain rice , Sambar /Majjige HuLi, rasam/ThiLi Saaru, Raitha or Gojju, Bajji or Bonda / ambode etc..

This festival is also celebrated across Maharashtra, Andhra and Goa.. It is celebrated as Souramaana ugaadi across Mangalore and other parts..

Yuga yugaadi kaLedaroo Yugaadi marali baruthide…

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