Vegetarian Recipes List/ ತಿಂಡಿ-ತೀರ್ಥ ಪಟ್ಟಿ

Hi my dear readers,

In this page, You will find the complete list of Vegetarian Recipes published in my site..
Hope it is useful to you…. Do view all the recipes, give a try as per the measurements and hints mentioned and let me know your feedback… 🙂

[1] Breakfast Ideas/ Breakfast Recipe List/ Lunch ideas

Bread toast
Tamarind Poha/ Gojjavalakki
Akki Idli
Avalakki Idli
Instant Ragi Dosa n Uttappa
Oats Uppittu
Rave Uppittu
Shavige Uppittu
Ragi Masale Dose
Akki Rotti
Ragi Rotti
Ragi Dose
Peas bhath
Masale Dose
Mango Rice
Lemon Rice
Nucchinunde/ Nucchina Unde
Poori- Saagu
Pesarattu / Green Gram Dosa
Set Dosa Recipe
Poha Upma
Chow Chow Bhath
Huggi/Khara Pongal
Methi Paratha
Palak Paratha
Vegetable Paratha
Methi Pulav/Bhath
Green Chutney Toast
Whole Ragi Dosa and Ragi Idli Recipe
Beetroot Paratha

[2] Snacks Recipe Ideas

Hara Bhara Kabab
3 Easy Kids Snacks
Bread Toast
Cabbage Pakoda

[3] Sweets/Desserts Recipes

Soft Mysore Pak
Horlicks Mysore Pak
Coconut Burfi
Maida Malai Burfi
Rava Laddoo
Besan Laddoo
7 Cup Burfi
Wheat Flour Laddoo
Mango Kesaribath

Kheer/Payasa Recipes

Sabbakki Payasa

Gasagase Payasa

Sabbakki Payasa

Rave Paayasa

Shavige Paayasa

[4] Palya/Gojju/Side dish recipes

Stir Fry/ Palya
Kosambari/ Salad
Haagalakayi Gojju
Bendekaayi Gojju
Onion Tomato Gojju

[5] Juice or Milkshake/ತಂಪು ಪಾನೀಯ

Maavina Seekarane

[6] Some Diet- Friendly dishes

Broken Wheat Pulav

Broken Wheat Pongal

Rava Pongal Recipe


[7]  One item, Multiple Recipes Series

Recipes Using Palak Leaves
Recipes Using Methi Leaves
Left Over Sour Curd Recipes

(8) Curries/Dal/Sambar/Lunch Recipes

Majjige HuLi
Hasi Majjige HuLi
Mixed Vegetable Sambar

Kootu Recipe
Jackfruit Sambar 
ThiLi Saaru
Hunase Saaru
Beetroot Saaru
Lemon Saaru
Mysore Rasam

Thanks for visiting the page.. Give me your valuable feedback 🙂

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